Monday, April 5, 2010

In Memoriam

I feel I should acknowledge that Jaime Escalante died last Tuesday the 30th of March.

I did not know him personally, but like many teachers his story was inspiring to me.  He never wavered in his faith that his students could perform and even out perform.

I wish I had his constant faith in his students.  While I care deeply for my students, my faith in them has wavered.  This year more than any other.  However, my belief in their abilities has not.  This is probably one of the biggest frustrations I've faced this year: knowing they could do and be so much more than they are.

I'm a bit jealous of teachers like the late, great Mr. Escalante.  He was always able to keep his faith in his students and he was beloved by them for it.  His students pushed themselves to the brink to meet his standards.  They pushed themselves because they respected him and loved him the way he loved them.

So, rest in peace Jaime Escalante.  I can only hope I can be a fraction of the teacher you were.

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