Saturday, October 2, 2010

Better Kids does NOT equal less work

I'll admit.  I was one of those teachers that transferred to a school like the one I'm at (what is called a "Fundamental School", but technically isn't) the moment the opportunity arose.  As many of you have read, I was fed up with the status quo and the way I was being treated at my former school.  I'll even admit that I thought it would be easier for me at this school.

BUT, I have never worked harder as a teacher in my life as I do at the school I am now at, and I worked hard at my former school.   Schools like mine are full of some of the hardest working teachers around.  That is not to say that other schools don't have hard working teachers; they do.  I'm putting in nearly 14 hour days, save the days that I have appointments to make.  I'm taking stuff home for the weekends, not that that is anything new.

Yet, I'm still happier and less stressed than I was at my former school.  I feel I'm only going to be an even better teacher than I was before.  The bar has been raised higher for me, and luckily for my students, I'm never one to back down from a challenge.

The difference isn't in the quality of kids because the other schools do have the same kids, even my old one.  The difference is in the way the students, parents, and faculty all "buy in".  There isn't any finger pointing placing blame, but (here comes the corniness) hand holding and pushing each other up the hill.  We may all rise to the top together; but if we go down, we go down together too.