Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When a Teacher "Hates" You

"All my teachers hate me."

No, Deprecating "Debra"*, your teachers do not all hate you.  They may all be frustrated with you, as I am.  You are exhibiting behaviors that are getting in the way of not only your academics but a healthy self view.

I don't think in my five years of teaching that I have ever met a student that I actually hated.  I've had students that I hate being around, or hate the days that they actually show up to class (and if anyone has issue with me making that statement has never been a teacher or in education).  But, I've never hated them.  I've hated the way they frustrate me because I can't figure out how to help them, to enlighten them, to make them see sense.

Some say hate is a strong word and shouldn't be used.  However, it gets the point across.  It's a lot more succinct to use than "I have an unbearable and strong dislike of _______".

Many students fall into the "trap" of thinking that if a teacher doesn't act like your friend, lets you get away with not doing work, doesn't call you out when you are being rude, inappropriate or disrupting "hates" you. 

When a teacher "hates" you, thank the Lord above.  When a teacher "hates" you, he or she is taking time out of their busy schedule to address a problem you have.  When a teacher "hates" you, they want you to live up to the enormous potential that they know you have.  When a teacher "hates" you that means there is at least one person out there that cares about how you turn out as a person and how much of a future you will have.

We should all be so lucky as to have a teacher who "hates" us.

*name changed to cover my butt.